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We DaR

Diabetes and Ramadan

We are dedicated to the interests of Diabetes and Ramadan fasting to help people with diabetes to a safer Ramadan.

We have set our Mission to better understand diabetes and Ramadan fasting at a global level encompassing worldwide initiatives.

To achieve our Goal, we have taken every opportunity to raise awareness of diabetes and Ramadan fasting to an unprecedented level by sponsoring several virtual high-level meetings, publishing the Diabetes and Ramadan Practical Guidelines, undertaking medical studies and holding our international Alliance conference on a yearly basis.

Our website, conveniently available in English include such sections as:

  • The Ramadan Nutrition Plan (RNP), a valuable tool to help diabetics manage their weight and build personalized meal plans and how to avoid UNHEALTHY Eating Habits during Ramadan.

  • DAR Academy, a valuable resource for health care professionals to access updated lectures and information and download resources relevant to their practice.

  • Direct access to the updated practical guidelines, a comprehensive guide prepared in collaboration with the International Diabetes Federation to serve the latest research and scientific knowledge concerning fasting and diabetes.

  • links to download DAR SAFA, our easy to use friendly application for people with diabetes facilitating their access to a wealth of information.

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